Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Curiosity Killed the Cat

It's a phrase we've all heard, and more than likely used on several occasions. But until recently (recent as in literally thirty seconds ago), I never thought about the fact that it could very well be an ambiguous sentence. My first and only thought when I've heard this phrase has been that the cat was curious about something, and whatever it was that was the source of his curiosity got him into trouble. Reading that sentence over again, I don't think it made much sense, but you understand, right? It's the meaning people associate with the saying, that when curious about something, people should learn to let it go or they could get into trouble. Or, as the very reliable website I looked up that contains meanings and origins of a plethera of sayings says, "Inquisitiveness can lead one into dangerous situations."

But couldn't it mean the opposite as well?

Couldn't this common phrase that's thrown out so often, "curiosity killed the cat", imply that the poor cat was curious about something, but decided not to pursue it? And because of this, he was forevermore left unsatisfied with his lack of knowledge, and this curiosity plagued him until it eventually drove him to his death. This makes sense as well, no?

I think it makes much more sense than the original meaning behind the phrase. After all, it does say that curiosity killed the cat, not the learning of what it was he wanted to know.

Just a thought.

Friday, March 06, 2009


My birthday is in twelve days. Funny how this fact constantly slips my mind.

In other news, four of my close friends are heading out next week across the globe. That's right, MEI Missions teams are once again preparing to embark on their adventures. Two of my friends are heading to the Ukraine, one to Cambodia, and another to Costa Rica. The one heading to Costa Rica is going to the same village I went to just a year ago. Has it been that long already? When I first found out she was going I cried. I want to go back so badly, yet I know that if I had gone with another team from school, I would have been constantly comparing this trip to my previous one. That would not be good. So, another friend and I have joined the intercessory team and are committing to praying for our friends, and all the teams, as they travel the globe. We're also going to orientation with the other teams to be there to support them as they have that last time of preparation. It will be good to be there. I think it'll be fun.

I have my grad dress. It is hanging in the closet, waiting for that day when I can put it on and parade around in all my grandeur for all the world to see. Well, all the people who come to the banquet, anyway.

As graduation draws nearer, I'm sure I will have more to post. Whether or not I do.... well, we'll see.

Until then,

Choum reap lia (khmer - Cambodia)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Home for the Holidays

Today was the last day of school before Christmas break!!! Hooray!!! I love the last day of school. It's so pointless and slack and pretty much a party and a half every class. It's awesome. And now it's over. Time for two weeks of sleeping in, slacking off, and doing absolutely nothing of consequence until January. Isn't it lovely?

Alright, so it won't be complete slacking off. But it'll be a very nice break from school and all the people I really can't stand to be around. I'll miss my friends of course, but we're planning a little Christmas party soon, so that'll be nice. Hm. I'm a little lost right now. Usually my posts are pages long with thoughts carrying on for miles with no end in sight. And now I can't think of what to say.... and it's quite strange. Perhaps I'm just out of practice with the whole blogging business. Probably I'll get back into it again soonish. (Chrys and I were just discussing how irritating it is when authors [or anybody, really] put the word "probably" at the beginning of a sentence, because it does not belong there and looks really stupid, so I decided to put it in there, just because it'll make her mad. hehe. Although it does annoy me too....hm....)

Anyhoo, since I don't have anything purposeful to say, I'll just stop talking now. Writing, whatever. Wouldn't it be nice if more people did that? I mean be quiet or stop talking when they've run out of things of consequence to say. I think it would be just lovely if certain people learned to do that. In any case, I'll end here.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Good News

I cleaned my bedroom!! Oh happy day!!! 'Cept it wasn't a happy day, because I had the flu. That wasn't fun. But my bedroom is clean and spider-free. It's very satisfying. Thanks to Gabe for getting me started. :D

Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year!

Does anyone else find it strange that we don't do anything special for this day? I mean, it only comes around once every four years, you'd think there'd be something to honour it. Maybe that's just me....

So, what's up with me? Wouldn't you like to know? All right, I give in.

Let's start with the most persistent: I am scared to death about the missions trip that I am leaving for in....FIFTEEN DAYS!!! It just makes me so uneasy because I honesly have no idea what to expect. I mean I know the general outline of what we might be doing down there, but really, I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally looking forward to it. I know it'll be an awesome experience, and my team has some pretty amazing people on it. I just feel so unprepared. (ew, this is a really ugly colour, remind me never to use it again...what is it called, do you think?)

So that's that...um, my dad broke his elbow. But that happened a couple of weeks ago, and his cast is off. Still can't do much with it, apparently, but yay for no cast. That equals improvement. I still want to get a cast. Maybe I've not shared this desire with you. I want to experience what it's like to have a cast on. Of course I'm not really hoping for excruciating pain or a shattered bone or anything like that. Maybe I can get a doctor to put one on me just for the hey of it. What do you think my chances of that happening are?

Did I tell you about my new semester? Oh. I think I left off saying I would update you soon on how that's going.... well, I think a month is about enough time to make up my mind about it. Just had to be sure, you know....

It's been pretty good over all. I decided to drop Math 12 for German 11, so that's been good. We're working on a rather difficult/time consuming project right now. He's "given" us each $3000 and we have to plan a trip through some German speaking country visiting certain types of places and junk. I guess it's not that bad. It just sucks because I'm looking at all these places and "planning" where I'm going to go, and I wish I could really go there. All those cathedrals and castles...so pretty...

Spanish has been good. I love it, as always. We got to choose our own seating plan, too, so I'm sitting next to friends. Happiness.

Bible is interesting. I chose World Religions, for those of you who don't know. It's good to learn about all these different religions and why the do what they do or believe what they believe. We've only gone over a few so far, but it's been good.

English. What can I say? Is there any subject I could love more? I'm in the accellerated English class, so we're doing English 12 stuff right now, and we have the same class we've had for the past two years, and our teacher this year is awesome. We have learned a lot alreadyl, but it doesn't really feel like it because it's so much fun. We don't take millions of notes, it's mostly discussions about all the topics. It's great. I love it.

Course selection for next year was due today. I'm pretty happy with what I chose. Let's see if I can remember....Bible - I chose "Life Issues" for that one. Um.... Comparative Civilizations, English Lit, Spanish, Sewing, Psychology, P.E., and that ever-beloved "study" block. Hehe. We'll see how much studying actually goes on. My two alternative choices are Law and Family Studies.

So, I think that's it for this month. Thank you very much for being curious and nosy about the happenings in my own life.

I appreciate it more than I can say.

Hope you enjoyed today's report. Until next time,


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is it seriously still January?

That is unbelievable. This month has been so weird. With school, it seems to have flown by. But then whenever I think about this month it feels like it should be over already, like it's been going on forever. You know, I actually thought about blogging a week ago. A full week before the month ended. That's how slow it was going - it feels like I should be posting again. Lucky you, I actually deceded to post today. Still January. I can't get over that.

So, what's new with me? Well, school was not all that fun. Exam preparation and the like. It's super-duper fun! (that's supposed to be sarcastic, for those who didn't catch that) But now first semester is over. I had my Biology exam on Monday, and I didn't find it as difficult as I was expecting, which probably means I failed. Oh well. I figured out that even if I got 0% on the exam, I'd pass the course. Just barely, but pass I will. So it can't really be that bad.

Anyway, my Social Studies Provincial exam was supposed to be yesterday, but got cancelled because of a lot of snow (yes, you Saskatchewan people can laugh if you want, but for B.C., it was a lot of snow). So, that was rescheduled until next week. Whoopie. But I have the rest of this week off, so that's happy. I went to work with Chrys today. That was fun. I'm going to join her again on Friday.

Yes, I only had two exams. That's not so bad, I guess. I think I have three next semester, though...

Speaking of, I'm kind of not so excited for that to start. Mostly just because of Math. I hate math, and Math 12 is going to be very much not so fun for me. Other that that, though, I'm so excited. I've been waiting all year for English to start again. It's my favritist class ever. It's the English Accellerated class, so we have the same people every year, just a different teacher. It's such a great group. So much fun. I love it.

I'm also going to be starting Spanish on Monday, which is really good because as I'm going to Costa Rica in March, so I'm going to need to brush up on my spanish. Maybe learn some more applicable phrases other that "I need to use the bathroom." That's pretty much all I know that would be useful. Other than that I can talk about school and a little bit about myself. Barely. I haven't done anything with Spanish in a year, so it'll be interesting to get back into it. I'm really looking forward to it, though.

My last class is Bible. Mandatory at our school. I'm actually looking forward to it this year, though. My last bible teacher was awful. Everybody hated him, and there was much rejoicing when he retired. The teacher I'm going to have this year I've had before, and he's so much fun. Apparently we get to go on a lot of field trips, too, so that'll be really great.

I'll try to force myself to write again soon telling you about the first couple days of the new semester.

Hasta luego!

(ha! I do remember something....)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I forgot to give an update on my Road Test...I passed. Yep, I'm now a Novice Driver, a.k.a. "Nerd." I'm quite proud of myself. So, now you know, if you even wanted to in the first place.

Happy New Year!

...like you haven't heard that a thousand times already. 2008. Whoopie. You know how I spent New Year's Eve? Babysitting. It was a party and a half, let me tell you. Set off the fire alarm. Yeah, that was great. Amazingly, only one of the boys woke up, and he went down again right away, so it wasn't a huge deal. Just very stressful for me. I mean, you think that just sitting around, reading, maybe watching a movie while the kids sleep wouldn't be all that eventful. Then there was this candle sitting on the counter and the flame was going crazy. It was super high, and all around the inside of the glass. It was around a bunch of flammable stuff, so I moved as much as I could, but I couldn't move the candle itself 'cause it burned my fingers. So I took an orange out of the fridge and smothered the flame. Yay me, it put the fire out. But, when you smother a large flame like that, it creates a lot of smoke. And that smoke set off the alarm. Panicked, I tried calling the parents to see if there was some way I could turn it off. They didn't hear the phone ring. So, I called Chryssie, almost in tears at this point because I had no idea what I should do, and the moment she answered the phone the alarm stopped. Then started up again a couple minutes later. I opened a door to try and air out the kitchen a bit, and the alarm turned off again after a bit and then it was fine. Then one of the boys woke up, and he's the one who is rather difficult when it comes to sleeping properly and such. Lucky for me, it was 11:00 and he was extremely tired and fell back to sleep quite easily. After that my evening was gratefully uneventful. Go ahead laugh if you want, my sisters already did. Yeah, I did too. Other than that little incident, it was a rather enjoyable evening. I got to read a lot, I was alone, it was quiet. Very nice.

So, that's my exciting story for today. January 1, 2008. Aren't you proud of me? I'm not making any promises, though, to keep up regular posts. Never have been good at keeping those New Year's Resolutions.....